Kirilin Aleksandr

А.Н. Кирилин


Alexander N. Kirilin was born on July 13, 1950 in Chernorechje village, Volzhsky region, Kuibyshevskaya oblast.

In 1973 he graduated from the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute.

In 1968 starting with a position of worker he became Deputy Director of the Plant.

In 1997 he was appointed First Deputy General Director SRPSRC "TsSKB-Progress" - Director of Samara "Progress" Plant subsidiary of FSUE SRP SRC TsSKB-Progress.

In 2003 he was appointed General Director of FSOE SRPSRC "TsSKB-Progress".

Academic and honorary degree:

· Doctor of Engineering

· Professor

· Corresponding Member of Russian Federation Academy of Engineering

· President of the Volga Region of Russian Academy of Astronautics named after Tsiolkovsky

· President of Regional employers community “Employers Union of Samara region”

State, departmental and other awards:

· Order “Service for Motherland” IV grade

· Order of Honor

· Medal for Labour

· Honorary diploma of RF government

· Prize-winner of Russian Federation Award

· Prize-winner of Russian Federation Government Award

· A Samara Region Governor Prize Laureat for Outstanding Results in Aerospace Industry Problems Solving in science and technology

The winner of the Region Science & Engineering Prize

Badge of Tsiolkovsky from Roskosmos

Badge of Korolev from Roskosmos

Badge of Gagarin from Roskosmos

Badge of International cooperation in the field of astronautics from Roskosmos

A Decoration Awarded by Roscosmos for Space Flights Support

Distinction “For Service” from Commander of Space Forces, MoD, Russian Federation

· “Patriot of Russia” Medal

Honorable distinction of Samara region governor “for Samara land welfare”

Honorable distinction of Samara region governor for Great service to Samara region

Honorable distinction of Samara State Duma For Service to the Law

An Honour Awarded by Samarskaya Duma for The Merits to Samara Community

The author of more than 20 research articles.