Tyulevin Sergey

С.В. Тюлевин


Born 15, January, 1960 in Kuybyshev. In 1983 graduated from Kuybyshev Aviation University.

1983 -2006 has been moving from design engineer to Deputy Chief Engineer of Tests. In 2006 was appointed Deputy General Director - Director of Baikonur affiliate of FSUE SRPSRC TsSKB-Progress, Baikonur.

In 2008 appointed First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of FSUE SRPSRC TsSKB-Progress, Samara.

Academic and honorary degree:

· Candidate of Technical Sciences

· State, departmental and other awards:

· medal for Services to Motherland, II degree

· Badge of Korolev from Roskosmos

· Corresponding Member of Russian Federation Academy of Engineering

· Badge of Gagarin from Roscosmos

· Corresponding Member of Russian Federation Academy of navigation and motion control

· order “For space launches” from Roskosmos

· Honorary diploma of Rosaviakosmos

Distinction “For Service” from Commander of Space Forces, MoD, Russian Federation

Honorary diploma of Federal Space Agency

An Honour Awarded by Samarskaya Duma for The Merits to Samara Community