Additional Equipment for MASTER 2000-04 Bandsaw

Hydraulic log loader is used for loading logs from the ground onto the band saw bedding. It allows to load logs of up to 800 mm in diameter and 4 t in weight. The loader can operate from the ground as well as from a determinate height.

Hydraulic log loader canter allows quickly turning and fixing a log on the band saw bedding, eliminates impact upon the bedding which is very useful at large-sized bold timber sawing. Utilization of this device eliminates staff manual labor and increases the band-sawing machine efficiency.

Hydraulic hold-down tools effectively fix and press a raw part to the hydraulic stop and that allows accurately sawing the wood bent with internal stress.

Hydraulic stop fixes a log from the right side of the band-sawing machine.

Taper control device allows compensating log taper by lifting its top part so as the log axis and the bedding guides become parallel. Utilization of the device allows improving converted timber and increasing its volume recovery.





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