Stationary Spinning Wrench

Such tongs can be used at drilling units of I-XI class under GOST 16293-82 in climate zones with ambient temperature from -50°С to +50°С under GOST 16350-80.

Purpose, key specifications:

It is intended for spinning-up and uncoupling of drill pipes with joint external diameter of 95.0 - 216 mm under GOST 631-75 while round-trip operations on well rig taking into account control and automatic torque limiting.

Three-speed gear box has three modes of pipe drill:

The 1st mode with speed of 12 rpm provides torque of pipe-clamping device of 5000 kg/m;

The 2nd mode with speed of 7 rpm provides torque of pipe-clamping device of 8000 kg/m;

The 3d mode with speed of 65 rpm provides torque of pipe-clamping device of 900 kg/m;

Pipe-clamping device is equipped with input and output to drill pipe.

Actuating mechanism can be height adjusted while moving along axis of mounting stand of pipes from nominal of 1574.5+/- 250 mm and can be moved around axis at +/- 900 from the nominal position.

Spinning stationary automatic tongs (AKB-4) is a prototype of KBS. Setup unit of KBS is similar with setup unit of AKB-3M2 and AKB-4. Some parts of AKB-3 and AKB-4 tongs can be used as spare parts for KBS, if necessary.

KBS is power unit-operated, which is a part of the tongs.