Inshore crew boat under 21670 project

Inshore crew boat under 21670 project is meant for waterborne ship of 1st and 2nd class and for sailing across sees and internal water basins, as well.

This boat is multipurpose and used for:

- transportation of commander’s crew of a ship, officials and VIP representatives;

- urgent delivery of housekeeping data to a ship;

- participation in the rescue activities of crew members of the helicopter which can land on water or a ship;

- emergency evacuation from a ship;

- tugging to a ship, a life boat, etc.

Inshore crew boat under 21670 project are implemented onboard a ship of The Russian Federation Navy: Stereguschy and soobrazitelny corvettes of 22350 project. Moreover, such kind of boats are planned to be implemented onboard frigates of 22350 project which are under construction now, onboard modified corvettes of 22385 project and onboard big landing ship of 11711 project, etc.

Since 2012 under the order of Defense Minister the boats of 21670 project have been under Armed Forces of Russia. 


Inshore crew boat under 21670 project

Overall length, m


Overall width, m


Maximal height, without mast, m


Minimal height of sideboard over the water (no less than), m


Deadrise angle at transom


Engine power,h.p.


Maximal boat mass with equipment and harness, including engine without fuel and water, no more than, кg

2 000

Seating capacity, number of persons


Total water displacement, kg

2 665

Maximal water displacement, kg

2 710

Maxima fuel, l


Fuel tank capacity, l


Engine mass, kg






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