MASTER 2000-04 Bandsaw

This professional sawmill is meant for highly accurate, quick and qualitative sawing of any wood breeds including hard-sheet and highly-resinous wood and producing any converted timber with minimal amount of waste products.

Master 2000-04 differs from its analogs by improved rigidity, reliability and maximal possible maintainability. All purchasing spare parts are produced in the Russian Federation.

Currently MASTER 2000-04 powersaw bench is equipped with HAKANSSON bandsaws. Advantage of these bandsaws if compared to badsaws of other manufacturers, is the saw blade made of super-flexible steel. The saw tooth is hardened with RF-current, thus preserving its shape over the service life.

MASTER 2000-04 machine may be equipped with the 35-51mm – wide bandsaws. The nominal bandsaw is 51mm – wide, being the optimum quality / payback alternative. Such bandsaws allow thin and neat saw cut and have sufficient bearing area on the pulley wheel.

Our service technicians perform complete cycle of facility management, installation, product startup and training of the Customer personnel.

All the units and products undergo through acceptance tests in conformity with international standards.

By the Customer request the powersaw bench is equipped with supplementary hardware.

MASTER 2000-04 frame saw ideally combines quality, reliability and acceptable price.  


MASTER 2000-04 Bandsaw

Maximal diameter of machined log, mm


Maximal length of machined log, m


Band-saw HAKANSSON (Sweeden) (W х T х L), mm

51 х 1.1 х 6500

WINTERSTEIGER powersaw bench of DANSO type (Germany) (WxHxL) mm


Saw cut thickness, mm

1.6 – 2.2

Pulley diameter, mm


Productivity per hour (eaves board 50 mm), m3

1.2 -1.5

Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, kW


Machine overall dimensions (L х W х H), m

9 × 3 × 2.15

Area occupied by the machine, m2.

30 (10 m × 3 m)





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