Rysachok light-class two-engine airplane

The Rysachok light-class two-engine airplane is meant in the first place to be used as a training plane in the Russian Civil Aviation schools. Besides, the airplane can be used for the following:

- Transportation of ten passengers within a range of 2,000- km;

- Transportation of cargo with total mass of up to 1,500 kg;

- Landing of parachutists (15 sportsmen or 8 firemen);

- Patrolling land frontiers и sea borders, highways, oil and gas pipelines, power lines, etc.;

- Search and rescue including delivery and drop-off of rescue teams onto unprepared grounds chosen in flight or rescue team landing;

- Transportation of six bed patients on stretchers accompanied by a medical officer;

- Aero surveying and ecological monitoring.

In a training version, the plane can be used for:

- Route air navigation training;

- Training in airfield maneuvering;

- Training in all- weather instrument flying;

- Training in night-flying;

- Training in emergency operations including cases of an interrupted and prolonged takeoff, flight with partial and asymmetrical thrust;

- Training in operation of modern flying and navigation equipment.

As a transport airplane, Rysachok can fly between airfields with primitive soft-surface runways spaced 100 to 1,000 km apart. At that, the same plane can be used for patrolling, passengers, cargo, medical transportation and other purposes with minimum cabin adaptation.

Rysachok is able to:

- continue its takeoff and flight in case of one engine failure;

- provide high-level safety even in cases of emergency off-airfield landing or water landing.

Rysachok is built as a cantilever monoplane with low wings equipped with retractable tricycle equipped landing gear with large-size pneumatic tires. The plane’s structure is simple, made of inexpensive aluminum alloys. Its cabin has a large cargo-and-passenger door. The plane has two Czech 750-horsepower М-601F turboprop engines with five-bladed propellers of AV-725 type. 


Rysachok light-class two-engine airplane

Rysachok Key Specifications


Cruising speed

250-400 km/h

Flight altitude

Up to 6,000 m

Maximum time in flight

7.5 h

Takeoff run

370 m

Landing run (without reversal)

600 m

Effective flight range with maximum fuel at 3-km altitude with two pilots and 470-kg commercial load with 40-minute fuel reserve

1,990 km

Landing run (with reversal)

350 m

One-engine-out takeoff run at V1 speed

800 m


Take-off mass

6,000 kg

Empty weight

3,850 kg

Maximum commercial load

1,490 kg


1,496/1,197 l/kg


Wing span

18 m

Aspect ratio of the wing


Wing area

32.3 m2

Plane length

12.44 m