SOYUZ-ST-A Launch Vehicle was launched successfully

20 december 2018

On December 19, 2018 at 19h 37 min (Moscow time) Soyuz-ST-A Launch Vehicle equipped with Fregat-M Upper Stage and CSO-1 Spacecraft was launched from Guiana Spaceport successfully.

That was the 20th launch of the launch vehicle, produced in Samara, within the framework of the ‘SOYUZ at Guiana Space Centre’ Project.

Soyuz-ST-A Launch Vehicle was developed and produced by JSC SRC Progress.



Soyuz-ST is adapted to the requirements of the Guiana Space Center as regards safety (telecomand uplink for launch abort), TM-system (S-band transmitters with European telemetry frame structure) and environmental conditions (higher humidity, marine transportation, etc).