About TsPOI “Samara”


“Samara” Earth remote sensing data acquisition, processing and distribution centre (hereinafter – TsPOI “Samara”) is a work unit of Samara Space Centre “Progress” founded to comply with a Decree No 370 of the Russian Federation Government of June 10, 2005, a Resolution of the Russian Federal Space Agency of June 14, 2005 “To assign an organization to operate Earth remote sensing satellites, and authorize organizations to process Earth remote sensing data”, and a Resolution of the Russian Federal Space Agency of May 25, 2007 “On the use of ERS data transmitted by RESURS-DK to advance information technologies in the interests of the Samara Region economics”.

Besides data acquisition and processing, the list of tasks to be fulfilled by Samara TsPOI includes: experimental development of the target parameters of the space systems in order to enhance ERS data quality during its development and operation phases as well as acquisition and processing of the data transmitted by others satellites of our country and foreign design.

TsPOI Samara Structure


TsPOI “Samara” consists of:

· ERS data acquisition facility, a division responsible for planning and cooperation with ground-based centre (NKPOR) flight control centre (TSUP) used by operators of our domestic and foreign satellites;

· data processing and distribution facility; a division responsible for cooperation with the Customers;

· maintenance and experimental development facility.

TsPOI “Samara” has the following engineering tools: radio equipment for satellite data acquisition, ground-based telecommunications system and software for reconstructive processing of primary and subject ERS data; as well as means of interaction with the Customers, production and distribution of finished products.