How site is organized web-portal is organized in the way that enables users using several ways of getting the data they are interested in. The same table of content can be appeared in several sections because different people search data differently.

There are 2 main ways to search for information using the content of the site:

- the menu

- the subject

Searching for information using the menu: web-portal users can find the latest news and events of TsSKB-Progress at the home page of the site. In order to find the information you need it is necessary to use upper main menu as well as the additional menu which is in the left hand part of the page.

Searching for information using the subject:

Considerable part of www.samspace.ruweb-portal content consists of large subjects. Every subject contains the latest news, articles, video, photos, interactive features and animations.

Data in every subject is divided into the following categories:

launch vehicle



programs and projects

international cooperation

scientific activities

social service

history and people