• Launch Vehicle of Middle Class

    TsSKB-Progress is the leading Russian enterprise and one of the leaders of space industry in development, manufacturing and operation of the middle-class launch vehicles. The LV built by the enterprise are used for manned and cargo launches to ISS, as well as for launches of foreign payloads. Due to their high reliability Samara LV has found world-wide consumer acceptance.

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  • Satellites for scientific and applied use

    Since the end of the 60s XX century TsSKB-Progress has been a huge domestic developer of exclusive satellites for scientific and applied use. In the course of research and experiments conducted aboard satellites of TsSKB-Progress design there have been acquired unique data to resolve fundamental and applied tasks of the modern science.

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  • Earth remote sensing satellites

    Since 1964 TsSKB-Progress has been the leading domestic developer of the Earth remote sensing hardware in the interests of national security and economy. Over 40 years the satellites of TsSKB-Progress design have been performing global monitoring of the Earth surface. 27 types of satellites have already underwent testing under conditions of space.

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  • Consumer goods

    One of the constituent parts of the TsSKB-Progress production program are consumer goods. All the products are certified and match all the requirements of the State Standard.

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