The 5th launch of Soyuz-2-1v was successfully performe

10 july 2019

Оn July 10, 2019 at 20h 14min (Moscow time) Soyuz-2-1v launch-vehicle with Volga upper stage and spacecraft, designed and manufactured at Moscow enterprises, was launched from Launch Pad No43 Plesetsk Cosmodrome.  Soyuz-2-1v light class two-staged launch vehicle and Volga upper stage are designed and manufactured by JSC SRC Progress (included into Roscosmos State Corporation).

The launch of Soyuz-2-1v was implemented by personnel of Space Forces with assistance of SRC Progress specialists and organizations of Cooperation, and was performed nominally. Flight testing program was finished by this launch.

Soyuz-2-1v is meant for launch of spacecraft and injection of payload with mass of up to 3 tons into low  near-earth orbit, and using Volga upper stage up to 1.4 ton – into sun-synchronous orbit. That is the first light class launch vehicle, where is used the liquid-propellant rocket engine, designed nowadays in  Russia.

Soyuz-2-1v was designed with maximum using of structural elements, on-board systems, industrial-engineering basis and integrated technical and launching facilities available for Soyuz-2 launch-vehicle. That allowed dramatic reduction in development, operation and launch associated cots.

The launch-vehicle had been made according to “tandem” design. On the core module was installed NK-33A engine (produced by PJSC Kuznetsov) and control engine RD0110R (development of OAO ‘KBHA’ and production of Voronezh mechanical plant). The second stage unit was adopted with updating of Soyuz-2-1b third stage unit. Soyuz-2-1b control system with improved soft- and hardware was used to provide stability, controllability and operation of Soyuz-2-1v regulating systems.