TsSKB-Progress became a winner of an open public tender.

10 january 2013

SRP SRC “TsSKB-Progress” became a winner of an open public tender and was selected as a grantee to carry out integrated projects of advanced technology products manufacturing.

The enterprise took part in a tender as an initiator of project “Advanced Technological Small Observation Satellites with Hyper-Spectrum Equipment Production in the Interests of Socioeconomic Development of Russia and International Cooperation”, which will be realized from January 10, 2012 till December 15, 2015. The head executor of the project is Samara State Aerospace University named after Sergei Korolyov (SSAU); co-executors are Institute of Image Processing Systems and Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Science. Space Technology Department of Technical University of Berlin is going to be involved in the project.

It is planned to develop high-performance product manufacturing, preproduction satellite model, hyper-spectrum equipment of new generation and hardware-software system of hyper-spectral data acquisition and processing within 3 years. The project insures short-run production of small satellites beginning from 2016 to form space constellation for the Earth observation in the interests of socioeconomic development of Russia and international cooperation providing access and world level cost of space images.