Opening ceremony of a hall of labor glory by TsSKB-Progress

31 january 2013
  • Participants of the opening ceremony of the Hall of TsSKB-Progress labor glory at school No 86
  • New exhibits were given to the Hall by TsSKB-Progress

In January 31, 2013 the rewash an opening ceremony of a Hall of labor glory in School No 86 by TsSKB-Progress.

S.V.Tyulevin, first deputy general director – general designer of TsSKB-Progress, V.A.Shishkin, representative of union-trade committee, V.A.Igumenov, deputy general director on personnel, veterans and workers of the enterprise presented at the opening ceremony of the hall of TsSKB-Progress labor glory. N.N.Mitryanin, deputy chairman of Samara Region Duma, representatives of Samara Gubernskaya Duma and Educational Department were among distinguished guests.

All the guests in the air speeches mentioned about friendlyrelationshipbetweenTsSKB-Prpgressandtheschoolinthedistrictwherethemajority of the workers live and most of them finished that school and today their children study at this school.

S.V.Tyulevin told students about the history of TsSKB-Progress, about its tradition and expressed his hope that the further profession of these children would be associated with space industry.

Amock-up of Soyuz launcher and some books on History of space technology developmentat Samara Space Centre were given to School No 86 as a present.