February 8 – Russian Science Day

08 february 2013

February 8 is the Russian Science Day. One of the main activities of Samara Space Center is scientific research.

TsSKB-Progress being a research and manufacturing company takes an active part in collaboration with the leading research centers of the country, academies, and Samara institutes of higher education.

The main scientific partner of TsSKB-Progress is national research institute - Samara Aerospace University named after Korolev (SSAU). Jointly with SSAU the company has been involved in research with the purpose to improve characteristics of the products.

Early 2013 TsSKB-Progress and SSAU succeeded in winning the tender for creation of high tech manufacturing of remote-sensing hyper-spectral small satellites for economic and social development of Russian and international collaboration. Competitive project is supposed to be implemented from 10.01.2012 to 15.12.2015.

Currently TsSKB-Progress and SSAU are involved in development of AIST Small Satellite. This Satellite weighing about 40kg is designed for educative, scientific and engineering tasks, as well as for demonstration of scientific and industrial potential capabilities of educational and manufacturing organizations of Samara region. Tests of engineering and flight models of the satellite were completed in 2012. The launch is scheduled for 2013.

Scientific potential is widely maintained and enhanced in TsSKB-Progress. The company pays engineering staff and applicants for post-graduate course study, admission and qualifying examinations for the Candidate's degree and defense of theses. TsSKB-Progress Administration rewards specialists to participate in conferences and symposia, publish research papers in proceedings and journals. In 2013 50 postgraduate students from TsSKB has participated in various conferences, 60 postgraduate students have published 73 reports and articles. The following branch-departments of SSAU are presented in the company: Aircrafts, Manufacturing of Aircrafts and Quality Management in Machine Building. In 2012 Mr. Kiriline, TsSKB-Progress General Director, opened Space Machine Building Sub-department at the SSAU Aircraft Department.

Top specialists of TsSKB-Progress are members of the Russian Cosmonautics Academy named after K. TsIOLKOVSKY, Academy f Manufacturing Sciences, Russian Engineering Academy, Navigation and Motion Control Academy, Quality Management Academy of RF.

During 2009-2013 the company participates to the Federal Special-Purpose Program – Scientific and pedagogical personnel of the innovated Russia. There were won 5 tenders, 2 of which – in 2012.

Scientific work of TsSKB-Progress is mostly of applied nature, though its contribution to fundamental science is tremendous. Unique research can be carried out with space technology developed by TsSKB-Progress. Bion and Foton spacecraft allow performing various medical biotechnological and material study experiments under microgravity conditions. In many respects long-term manned missions became possible due to these experiments. In 2013 Bion-M No1 undergoes pre-flight preparation. The mission will include numerous experiments including those on small laboratory animals with the purpose to substantiate new approaches in medical support, preventive treatment of unfavorable changes in human organisms during long-term space flights. Institute of Biological&Medical Problems at Russian Academy of Science is organization responsible for Bion-M No1 mission program. More than 70 experiments will be performed within 30 days of flight. Alongside with Russian organizations, European companies will also participate to the experiments.