08 february 2013

September 2013 TsSKB-Progress holds conference: Focal Problems of Space-Rocket Engineering

September 16 – 20, 2013 г. TsSKB-Progress (Samara) holds the IIIrd Scientific and Technical Conference - Focal Problems of Space-Rocket Engineering (‘III KOZLOVSKIYE CHTENYA’).

Among the conference organizers are Administration of Samara region, TsSKB-Progress, Samara Scientific Center at the RAS, Volga regional department of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, Samara State Aerospace University and other leading branch-wise companies and institutes of higher education.

The purpose of the conference is to summarize the generated heritage in the sphere of scientific research, design, manufacturing and operation of light, middle-class and heavy launch vehicles, Earth observation systems and training of aerospace specialists.

Deadline to forward registration forms, brief outline reports (hard and softcopies) and expert’s reports on possibility to publish as unclassified document to Organizing Committee is 15.06.2013 at latest:

443009, Samara, Zemets str. 18,



fax: 8 (846) 992-65-43 – for requests

Subject of the letter: to consideration of dept. 2928.

Conference coordinator, Doctor of Engineering, Professor TKACHENKO Sergey Ivanovich

tel.: (846) 228-52-10, fax (846) 992-65-43

Organizing Committee Secretary: KHANNANOVA Inna Azkhamovna

tel.: 8 (846) 228-95-24

Details (in Russian)