Landing of Bion-M1 Spacecraft

19 may 2013

On 19 May 2013, at 07 h 11 min Moscow time the re-entry capsule of the Bion-M1 scientific spacecraft successfully landed in a specified area of Orenburgskaya oblast with the use of a soft landing system.

The Bion-M1 biomedical spacecraft developed and manufactured by TsSKB-Progress remained in orbit for 30 days. State parameters of Bion-M1 (temperature, pressure in modules, supply voltage) were nominal over the flight. Onboard service hardware operated nominally.

More than 70 experiments designed by Russian scientists jointly with specialists from Ukraine, the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Republic of Korea have been conducted during the flight.

The research program included experiments conducted not only in the course of the flight but also during the most critical and difficult phases of launch and landing.

The objects of research were animals, microorganisms, plants, and 40 containers with microorganisms and higher plants exposed to all factors of space flight.

Part of experimental data was transmitted via telemetry channel in the course of flight. The main results will be obtained after ground analysis of received data.