First Results of Aist Spacecraft Operation

21 may 2013

The Aist small spacecraft (SSC) developed by TsSKB-Progress jointly with Samara State Aerospace University is under flight and qualification tests.

The Aist SSC was launched as a piggyback payload of the Bion-M1 spacecraft on 19 April 2013. It separated from Bion-M1 on 21 April.

Telemetry data is regularly transmitted to the Centre of Earth Remote Sensing Data Reception and Processing (TsPOI Samara) in TsSKB-Progress. 212 communication sessions with the Aist SSC have been conducted as of May 20, 2013.

Functionality of onboard and ground systems has been checked during flight tests. Received telemetry data shows that temperatures of units and hardware in Aist meet the specification. Voltage analysis of onboard network and solar panels indicates that the small spacecraft is able to operate in all specified modes without restriction. Scientific hardware was powered on with gradual increase of turn-on time.

Operating modes of scientific hardware are currently at the final stage of verification.