TsSKB-Progress continues activities with Soyuz-2-1v

05 june 2013

June 3 2013, NITs RKP (Peresvet) performed firing tests of the light-class launch vehicle Soyuz-2-1v first stage designed and manufactured by TsSKB-Progress (Samara).

Firing tests are the keystone of the launch vehicle trial testing program. The aim of these tests is performance verification of the main and steering engines as well as hydropneumosystem of Soyuz-2-1v first stage under conditions close to actual and validation of the design concept correctness.

Objectives of the firing tests are attained. The test results are under analysis.


Soyuz-2-1v launch vehicle is designed by TsSKB-Progress in the frames of the Russian Government contractual work.

Use of this two-stage carrier allows placing of spacecraft with mass of up to 2800kg to low near-circular orbits from Plesetsk launch site. The integrated launch vehicle will incorporate Volga - the new upper stage of TsSKB-Progress design. Use of this upper stage as a part of Soyuz-2-1v allows placing spacecraft of up to 1400kg in sun-synchronous orbits.

Soyuz-2-1v will be performed from Plesetsk launch site and Vostochny launch site hereafter.