Resurs-DK: 7 Years of Successful Operation

14 june 2013

The 15th of June, 2013 is the 7th anniversary of the launch of Russia’s Resurs-DK Earth remote sensing spacecraft developed and manufactured by TsSKB-Progress. For 7 years, Resurs-DK imaged 77.74 mln. km2 of the earth surface, of which 31.118 mln. km2 is of the territory of Russia.

Having doubled its declared active life, Resurs-DK successfully operates in orbit. Resurs-DK-based imagery is in demand in different fields of economic activity. Besides planned Earth sensing, Resurs-DK solves different other problems among which are obtaining a real picture of damages caused by such natural disasters as earthquakes, floods and fires.

Resurs-DK is Russia’s only spacecraft, which provides detailed imaging of the earth surface and promptly delivers data to the ground receiving stations by radio.

The Resurs-DK spacecraft was developed under the Federal Space Program of Russia by TsSKB-Progress in wide cooperation with other enterprises (OAO Krasnogorsky Zavod im. S. A. Zvereva, OAO NII TP, ZAO NPO ELAK, OAO RKS and others).

The experience obtained in development and operation of Resurs-DK allows experts of TsSKB-Progress to create new generation Earth remote sensing space complexes.

At present, the Resurs-P spacecraft is under preparation for launch in Baikonur. It features improved performance characteristics: besides optoelectronic equipment for highly-detailed observation, it has hyperspectral and wide-angle equipment. That will allow solving brand new problems associated with subject decoding that is providing better informational support in prospecting for oil, gas, ore and other deposits and etc. The Resurs-P launch is planned for June, 2013. Together with Resurs-DK they will form an orbital constellation of civil means for Earth remote sensing with detailed resolution.