Resurs-P spacecraft is being prepared for the launch

21 june 2013

At Baikonur cosmodrome preparations for launch of Soyuz-2-1b launch vehicle with Resurs-P spacecraft developed and produced by TsSKB-Progress are conducted.

On 20 June the specialists of aerospace enterprises performed assembly of upper composite at the assembling and testing facility of Launch Pad No112 Baikonur cosmodrome. After this according to work schedule the upper composite was delivered to assembling and testing facility of Launch Pad No31 for joining with Soyuz-2-1b launch vehicle.

The Resurs-P launch is scheduled for June 25, 2013.

For information:

The Resurs-P Earth remote sensing spacecraft is developed on the basis of the Resurs-DK family with improvement of its target properties, and namely: increase in number of spectral ranges from 3 to 5, hyper spectral and stereo imaging, image snapping with 10-15 m accuracy, extention of its active life from 3 to 5 years.