Rysachok opened the MAKS-2013 second day flight program

29 august 2013

The MAKS-2013 Air Show second day, August 28, 2013 was marked by great flight program. It was opened by the Rysachok airplane produced by TsSKB-Progress within a conversion project.

Rysachok is now under certification and its demonstration at MAKS-2013 proves its readiness for future tests and operation.

The Air Show exhibitors and visitors had a chance to see another Rysachok airplane at the static display next to the other planes being in the Russian Defense Ministry service. A team of TsSKB-Progress specialists headed by the General Director Deputy on Airplanes, Shtanko E.D. worked at the Rysachok static display and was ready to answer all the questions of the visitors.

In the Roscosmos hall, TsSKB-Progress exhibits also the Rysachok model and associated advertising posters for of the Russian and foreign visitors and aviation experts.