Was taken decision to conduct II phase of full-scale testing with Soyuz-2-1v at launching pad

18 december 2013

On the 17th of December, 2013, there was a meeting of the State Commission concerning conduction of II full-scale testing phase with Soyuz-2-1v launcher at the launching pad. Soyuz-2-1v was produced at TsSKB-Progress.

Tests results, obtained at Technical Facility meant for Soyuz-2-1v launcher with Volga upper stage were considered at the meeting. Volga upper stage enables Aist small satellite and calibration spheres, as well, to be placed into orbit.

Having heard reports made by all works managers, the State Commission took a decision that Soyuz-2-1v is ready to be installed at the launching pad.


Soyuz-2-1v two-staged light-class launcher and Volga upper stage are developed and produced at TsSKB-Progress (Samara).

A new launcher enables placing Payload with mass up to 2,8 ton into near-earth orbit but with Volga upper stage – up to 1,4 ton into sun-synchronous orbit. A wide range of Russian industrial enterprises participates in the launch and Technical Facility located in Russia is to be used.

Launch of the carrier with Volga upper stage is planned for December 23, 2013. A new launcher is to place calibration spheres and test model of Aist small satellite into orbit. Aist is a joint project between TsSKB_Progress and State Aerospace University. Flight tests comprise all tests of the system operation: metrology, environmental safety, EMC of the carrier systems, development of operational documentation, etc.