55 years from the “Semyorka” launch date

17 february 2014

February 17, 1959 from Tura-Tam launch range was performed successful launch of R-7 - the first intercontinental ballistic missile manufactured by the Kuibushev State Aircraft Factory #1 (currently TsSKB-Progress SRP SRC).

The modern launch vehicles of Soyuz type, designed and manufactured by TsSKB-Progress on the basis of the legendary “Semyorka”, have up till now been the most reliable and profit-proved means for delivery of manned and cargo ship to space, as well as majority of the domestic and many foreign satellites.

R-7 missile (8К71) is a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile with a package-type system. Maximal coverage range – 8000km, dry lift-off mass – 278tons, wet lift-off mass – 283 tons. R-7 IBM was in operation within 1957 and 1961.

May 5, 1954 Council of Ministers of the USSR and CPSU Central Committee took the decision on R-7 IBM D&D. August 21, 1957 was performed the first successful launch of R-7 missile created by Podlipky Special Design Bureau #1 under management of Sergey Korolev.

January 2, 1958 Council of Ministers of the USSR and CPSU Central Committee took the decision to start up batch production of R-7 IBM by Kuibushev Aircraft Factory #1. Propulsion system was decided to be manufactured by Engine Plant #24 (currently Kuznetsov Public Corporation).

Department #25 branched off Special Design Bureau #1 to supervise manufacturing of R-7 missiles. Later on it was reorganized into SDB-1 Affiliate #3 headed by Dmitry Kozlov, Chief Designer.

“Within 11 months from the Governmental Decision Aircraft Factory #1 and Engine Plant #24 performed modernization, preproduction, manufacturing and commissioning of new process equipment and accessories, trained engineers and workers, mastered new technologies, manufactured, tested and handed over to the Customer and in December 1958 sent to the lau8nch range three flight models of R-7 missile. In 13 months after Decision the first Kuibushev missile was successfully launched”, recollects the Former Deputy General Designer, Honored Employee of TsSKB-Progress, veteran of Russian cosmonautics Georgy Fomin.

By Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet General Committee of June 29, 1960 Aircraft Factory #1 was awarded Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1961 the Factory became Progress Manufacturing Plant.