Successful Launch of Soyuz-ST from French Guiana

10 july 2014

On July 10, 2014 at 22h 55min (Moscow time) the O3b Networks satellites were successfully launched by Souyz-ST Launch Vehicle designed and manufactured by JSC Space Rocket Centre Progress.

This year it has been the second launch of samara carrier Soyuz-ST from Kourou, while totally it is the eight launch within the frames of Soyuz in GSC Project.

The O3b satellite is a new satellite designed for telecommunication from a medium earth orbit.


Soyuz-ST Launch Vehicle is tailored to requirements of the Guiana Space Center as regards safety (able to receive AVD telecommand from the Ground Control Center), telemetry (UHF-transmitters having European-type frame) and operating conditions (excess humidity, transportation by sea, etc.).

Within the frames of Soyuz in GSC project TsSKB-Progress is responsible for the launch vehicle and performs general supervision of Russian industrial enterprises participating to the mission.