Press release of December 17, 2011

17 december 2011

In December 17, 2011at 06.03 a.m. (Moscow time) Soyuz-ST-A carrier with Fregat Upper Stage was successfully launched from Guiana Space Center. Pleiades/Elisa/SSoT satellites were injected into the orbit by the carrier.
Soyuz-ST-A launcher was developed and produced at TsSKB-Progress under ‘Soyuz at GSC’ program. Soyuz-ST-A is an upgraded version of Soyuz-2-1a launcher with safety and telemetry systems as well as operating conditions adapted to environmental requirements of GSC.

TsSKB-Progress is a main enterprise in ‘Soyuz at GSC’ project: the enterprise is responsible for the launcher and the launching facility as well as controls the Russian enterprises participating in the mission. The first launch of Soyuz-ST from Guiana Space Center was performed in October 21, 2011.