Press release of December 1, 2011

01 december 2011

On December 1, 2011, the conference of young specialists of TsSKB-Progress took place.
The objectives of the conference were to sum up the work of the board and to elect its new composition.
Kirilin Alexander, General Director of TsSKB-Progress, welcomed gathered young specialists. He told about development prospects and implementation of the socio-economic youth development program.
Volkov S. A., chairman of the board of young specialists, reported on the work done. “The board of young specialists jointly with the youth bureau and the youth group under the trade-union committee organized ‘The best young worker’, ‘The best young specialist’, ‘CAD systems’ competitions as well as scientific conferences and other events. The purposes of these events were to identify more able young specialists and chiefs for more complete and effective use of their capabilities for development of the enterprise and to improve the process of introduction of youth scientific and technical inventions’, he said. The winners were presented with honorary diplomas.
The work of the board of young specialists was found to be satisfactory. The new 2012-2013 board was elected.
The board of young specialists was established in 2006 for uniting young specialists of TsSKB-Progress, assistance to management of the enterprise in improvement of effectiveness of production, support of professional and creative advancement of young specialists, assistance to their quick professional adaptation.