Press release of November 28, 2011

28 november 2011

November 28, 2011 is the 45th anniversary of the first launch of Souyz carrier designed and developed at TsSKB-Progress.
Soyuz is a three-staged carrier of middle class which was developed on the bases of a legendary “R-7” launcher with incorporation of IIId stage. The launcher was considerably upgraded in 1973 and after it was called Soyuz-U, upgraded version in 1982 was called Soyuz-U2. On the bases of Soyuz-U launcher there was developed Soyuz-FG in 2001, Soyuz-2-1a in 2004 and Soyuz-2-1b in 2006.
Soyuz launcher is meant for spacecraft injection into near-earth orbit for social and economic, research and special purposes. This launcher is also used for injection of manned and cargo spaceship. 1215 launches of Soyuz carrier have been performed for the last 45 years.
Soyuz is a carrier of R-7 family. The first launch of R-7 produced at State Aircraft plant No1 (which is TsSKB-Progress today), was performed in February 17, 1958. In April 12, 1961 Vostok launcher (upgraded version of R-7) delivered manned spaceship with the first cosmonaut, Yury Gagarin, onboard. Today Soyuz-U and Soyuz-FG are the only launchers which deliver spaceship into International Space Station.