Press release of October 28, 2011

28 october 2011

The 28th of October is the 70th anniversary of State Aviation Plant №1 (FSUE SRS SC “TsSKB-Progress” nowadays) existence in Samara.
In the beginning of the XXth century, Moscow bicycle workshop Dux founded in 1894 transformed into airship and aeroplane industry plant. In 1919, Dux was renamed into State Aviation Plant №1. Until 1940, manufacturing of 23 types of aircrafts was mastered at the plant. The history of Russian aircraft building can be traced by the aircraft models.
By the early 40s the plant №1 serially produced up to 10 MiG-3 high-speed aircrafts per day.
On the 8th of 1941 it was decided to evacuate Moscow aviation industry factories. In short periods of time big industry factories including Plant №1 were relocated to new places. On the 28th of October 1941 A.I. Shakhurin, the commissar of the USSR aviation industry signed an order to begin work of aviation plant №1 in Kuibyshev.
About 7000 personnel of the plant came to a new working place. In 14 days after the last special train with equipment arrived, the first MiG-3 aircraft was assembled in unfinished workshops.
In December, 1941the first IL-2 built in Kuibyshev flied up into the sky. The production of IL-2 and IL-10 attack aircrafts, MiG-3 fighters, in average up to 15 aircrafts per day, was arranged.
During war years 16 210 aircrafts (11863 IL-2 attack aircrafts, 1225 IL-10 attack aircrafts, more than 3000 MiG-3 fighters) were assembled.
In 1945 Plant №1 was rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner for valorous work during the Great Patriotic War. 370 workers of the plant were awarded with the orders and medals of the Soviet Union.
From 1946 till 1958 Plant №1 produced MiG-9, MiG-15, MiG-17 jet airplanes and TU-16 strategic bombers.
In 1958 during 10 months production of intercontinental ballistic missiles was arranged and Aviation Plant №1 (since 1961 the plant is renamed into Progress) was fully converted into space technology thematic. For more than half a century by now TsSKB-Progress Samara Space Centre designs and manufactures reliable space-technology equipment, launch vehicles and spacecraft under Federal Space Program and within the projects with participation of European partners. Launchers produced in TsSKB-Progress put into orbit more than 1770 spacecraft, 980 of them are of Centre’s own design.
subcontractors involved in the launch mission.
Soyuz-ST was updated to meet the requirements of the European partners as regards safety, telemetry system and environmental conditions.
It is foreseen to perform minimum 50 launches of Soyuz-ST type carriers within the next 15 years from Guiana Space Center. Significantly increased competitiveness of the EU and Russian launch vehicles owing to making up a mutually compliment line of carriers including French Arian-5 and Russian Soyuz-ST and Soyuz-2 is in sight.