Press release of February 1, 2011

01 february 2011

The first launch of Soyuz-ST-B launcher from GSC is planned for August 31, 2011. This decision were made by Advisory Committee at the meeting held in Paris on January 28. Such space agencies and enterprises as ESA, KNES, Arianespace, Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), Samara Space Center “TsSKB-Progress”, “TsENKI” and “NPO-L” participated in the meeting.

During the meeting a new work schedule on “Soyuz at GSC” program was established. According to that schedule the first launch of Soyuz-ST-B is to be performed on August 31, 2011. European party has already decided on the payload. There will be two Galileo satellites – European analog of American GPS system.

Dry run of the launcher is to be performed in April, 2011. Shipping of other two launchers from Samara to GSC is planned for this year.

Soyuz-ST-B is designed and produced at Samara Space Center TsSKB-Progress under “Soyuz at GSC” program. Soyuz-ST-B is a modification of Soyuz-2-1b which has been adapted to the environment of GSC particularly for safety, telemetering systems and operational conditions.

Dry run includes launcher installation at the Launching Facility followed by docking of all electrical, air-controlled and other lines as well as performance of all necessary inspections.