Press release of January 21, 2011

21 january 2011

The competition for launch system development for “Vostochny” spaceport in the Far East was won by “TsSkb-Progress” (Samara), “RKK Energia” (Korolev, Moscow region) and “GRTs Makeeva” (Miass, Chelyabinsk region) which are enterprises of Federal Space Agency.

Samara Space Center TsSKB-Progress is the head company on this project.

Currently such launch vehicle development is being at the phase of engineering design. Activities concerning “Rus-M” launch vehicle are innovative and it is supposed to meet all up-to-date engineering requirements. These activities are based on the huge experience of TsSKB-Progress as well as on the teamwork of designers in the field of space technology development.

Some requirements on Payload mass injected by “Rus-M” were set in” Statements of Work” by Roscosmos. The results obtained during pre-designing and used for further work, have shown that all the requirements of government customer specifically on Payload mass injected by “Rus-M” are totally met. The requirements concerning maximum allowed mass of launch vehicle are not set in “Statements of Work”.

For information:

Rus-M produced by TsSKB-Progress is a compound part of launch system. Rus-M is a new type of launch vehicle made according to “tandem” design. This launch vehicle is meant for Payload injection into near-earth circular orbit with mass of no less than 20 tons but together with kick stages it allows putting spacecrafts into geo-transfer orbit with mass of 7,0 tons and into geo-stationary orbit with mass of 0,4 tons.