Cooperation and Co-development, Manufacture and Operation of Small Satellites, Including Cubesat Type, Meant for the Earth Remote Sensing in Different Ranges with IR-Equipment, Radar and Hyper-Spectral Hardware          

Samara Space Centre has wide experience in designing and manufacturing small satellites (including those of CubeSat type), in using Earth remote sensing equipment of different ranges as target equipment onboard satellites of in-house design. Besides, different systems are tried out onboard satellites of in-house design using radar, hyper-spectral and IR-equipment.

Partners are invited to participate in co-development of small and CubeSat-type satellites and to collaborate on launching of these satellites.

Information obtained by Earth remote sensing (ERS) satellites is in demand and is used in different fields (agriculture and forestry, land mapping and surveying, emergency management and others). But the data obtained from ERS satellites which are in operation now, is not always able to satisfy every user of it. It is possible to obtain ERS data tailored to the needs of a customer by creating and launching a new specially developed task-oriented ERS satellite.

Samara Space Centre invites to collaborate on co-development and testing of small ERS satellites and offers services in launching these satellites using facilities of in-house design.

Innovations and advantages

High availability of equipment and wide experience in production of space hardware allow the enterprise to cover all satellite design, manufacture, testing and launch activities.

High rate of launches performed using facilities of in-house design enables piggyback launching of small satellites in shortest possible or optimal time.

Stage of development: available for demonstration.

Tasks to be Performed by the Partner Sought :

- Co-development of spacecraft.

- Supply of scientific equipment for small satellite production and space-based research. .

- Supply of small spacecraft for piggy-back launch.

Scientific collaboration agreement: co-application to scientific and technical programs.

Contract for services: medium- or long-term contract for services (including research services).


Contact person: Kirilin Alexander, General Director

Fax: +7 (846) 992 64 86