Co-development and Production Organization of Nanosatellite Components          

Samara Space Centre has experience in production and tryout of CubeSat-type nanosatellite components.

It is offered to develop and organize production of components – body parts, mechanisms, convertible structures – for CubeSat-type nanosatellites of all sizes.

The state-of-the-art of microelectronics and mechanics makes it possible to fulfill such tasks by nanosatellites that were formerly fulfilled only by big and expensive spacecraft. These are the tasks of the Earth remote sensing, exploration of the near-earth space and nearby planets, and biological research. Besides, nanosattelites are an inexpensive platform for trying out units of new onboard equipment for big spacecraft, and also effective training facilities for future space industry experts.

At present, many universities have laboratories or research teams for designing and production of nanosatellites. The problem is in their low capabilities for production and tryout of components which are the basis of the platform for a nanosatellite.

It is offered to develop and organize production of nanosatellite structure components on the premises of the enterprise having necessary facilities for designing, production, testing and quality assurance of parts produced.

The aim of designing and developing is to form a set of unified structural components and units for use in nanosatellites of different types and sizes. High unification of parts and components enables prompt development and production of a nanosatellite of a necessary type and size.

Innovations and advantages

High unification of components enables decreasing part spectrum for all types and sizes of nanosatellites and, as a result, increasing payback of investments.

Creation of unified nanosatellite parts and components characterized by high quality of production and properly field tested will allow the users – universities, schools and small research teams interested in space research – to build their own nanosatellites.

Stage of development: available for demonstration: 3U nanosatellite load-bearing frame produced.

Manufacturing agreement: manufacture of end-user goods for based on human recourses and production facilities of the enterprise.


Contact person: Kirilin Alexander, General Director

Fax: +7 (846) 992 64 86