Experiments on “Foton”, “Bion” spacecraft

01 july 2013

"TsSKB-Progress" provides services for customer hardware installation on automatic "Foton-M" and "Bion-M" spacecraft for carrying out fundamental and applied research under microgravity conditions in the international space market.

"Foton-M" automatic spacecraft ("Foton" spacecraft modernization) has been designed by "TsSKB-Progress" for conducting technological and biotechnological experiments under conditions of microgravity level 10-5-10-6 g0 that allowed to create conditions for carrying out fine experiments with the use of high-sensitive hardware.

"Foton" spacecraft usage has been allowed to carry out experiments at the result of which semiconducting materials, biologically pure medicinal preparations for immunodeficit, viral, oncologic diseases treatment.

The spacecraft has been in operation since 1985 and by now 12 "Foton" spacecraft have been launched – all of them successfully.

Having no analogues in the world "Bion-M" spacecraft has been designed for solving a number of medical and biological problems in "TsSKB-Progress". Fundamental and applied research has been carrying out in the field of space biology, experiments in the field of radiation physics and radiation biology have been conducting with the help of "Bion-M" spacecraft.

"Bion-M" spacecraft allows to conduct research in the field of living organisms adaptation to space flight conditions, to study the influence of high space radiation level on living systems and organisms. Comfortable conditions descent vehicle at all stages of spacecraft preparation and operation, telemetric and television control for hardware functioning and animal status, universal hardware control during flight ensure high efficiency of conducted experiments.

Since 1973 11 such spacecraft has been launched successfully. Specialists of Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Canada, Bulgaria, China, USA, France, European Space Agency and others took part in scientific research.

With their performancies and economic parameters "Foton" and "Bion" are practically unique in the world operating spacecraft of such a type.