Middle class LV with increased lifting capacity intended for launches from "Vostochny" launch range


Perspective project of Samara Space Center is two-stage middle class LV with increased lifting capacity intended for launches of the manned, cargo spaceship and unmanned spacecraft from "Vostochny" launch range.

Currently conceptual design is being developed jointly with RKK "Energia" named after S.P.Korolev and GRTs "Design Bureau named after V.P.Makeev”. Federal Space Agency is the customer of the launch vehicle.

Flight and design tests of the launch vehicle with unmanned spacecraft are set for 2015, whereas tests with manned spaceship are to begin in 2018.

LV main specifications

(for the moment of draft design development)

Number of stages


LV launching mass, t


Propellant components:

- Oxidizer

- Fuel:

I stage

II stage

liquid oxygen


liquid hydrogen

Main thrust

- I stage, tf

  • at the ground
  • in vacuum

- II stage, tf




LV length, m


LV maximal diameter, m


LV power capabilities

(for the moment of draft design development)


Payload mass, t

Low circular orbit

Нcr=200 km, i=51,7°


Geo-transfer orbit with kick stage


Geo-stationary orbit with kick stage


The distinctive feature is the use of the universal rocket block (URB). The first stage represents a pack of three URB. The existing oxygen-kerosene engines RD180 designed by NPO "Energomash" are used at the first stage, and at the second step oxygen-hydrogen engines RD0146 designed by КBhА are used.

Launching and Processing Facilities are components of the space complex and are developed to be newly built at "Vostochny" launch range.