How to use the data provided with the web-portal

Images, photos, video and other data provided with this web-portal without any links to information provider are property of the enterprise and protected from copyright. Those who are pirated bear responsibility in accordance with copyright law of Russia. Ignorance of law does not relieve from responsibility.

Users should follow the following rules:

1. It is forbidden to use independently any of data as well as the logo of the enterprise for commercial and advertising purposes. In order to use this web-portal data and the logo in commercial (extraction of profit) and advertising purposes it is necessary to get an official permission from the right holder.

2. It is possible to use data of the web-portal for commercial purposes (as educational and informative sources to write article, report, reviews and presentations) as well as in user personal web-pages only if there is a link for this site. The enterprise bears no responsibility for data used in user personal web-pages or any other informative sources.

3. Improper use of data provided with this web-portal in user personal web-pages and web-sites which promote actions prohibited by law does not mean that the enterprise approves that obviously or indirectly or gives its support and agreement to the web-site policy.

4. Independent editing or any changes of the site data as well as the enterprise logo are forbidden.

5. Datawith the links to the other internet sources which are provided with the enterprise web-portal are not the object of author’s right of JSC SRC «Progress». All the questions, comments and proposals concerning this data should be followed to their rightholders.

6. The enterprise does not give material support and does not refund users expenses while using the data of the web-portal.

7. All questions and proposals concerning the use of the web-portal data and the logo of JSC SRC «Progress» as well as all the information concerning improper use of this site data should be followed to the address of the enterprise.