Cooperation with BRICS Countries          

Projects dealing with support of international cooperation in Eurasia and BRICS-countries are currently aggressively supported by the state.

In 2015 within the framework of cooperation with BRICS countries there was started up a project for technology transfer between Russia and Brazil with the perspective of its further expanding to other BRICS countries.

Innovative aerospace cluster established on the territory of Samara Region possesses huge potential of cooperation with BRICS in the sphere of both marketing its own products & projects and attracting foreign technologies for joint startups.

In conformity with the Fundamentals of State Policy in the Sphere of Space Exploration up to 2030 and Further, for the purposes of expanding foreign economic activity, implementation of joint scientific and technical programmes, BRICS cooperation development and participation in the Russian-Brazil international cooperation project, SRC Progress took part in the Russian technology transfer net creation. 


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