Technical and Technological Support in Launching Payload of the BRICS Countries          

Samara Space Centre is one of Russian leading companies and world’s leaders in the field of creation, manufacture and operation of space hardware – has unique experience in adapting launch-vehicles and injection module of in-house design to operate them in different environments, in cooperative creation of associated ground infrastructure, and launching spacecraft of third parties.

Samara Space Centre seeks for cooperation in the form of manufacturing agreement and contract for services of piggyback satellite launching.

Increase in demand for injecting different satellites into space has become a real trend recently. At present Samara Space Centre operates high-reliability launch-vehicles of medium class “Soyuz”, “Soyuz-2” to launch into near-Earth orbits manned and cargo spacecraft, special-purpose national satellites (“Resurs”, “Meteor-M”, “Foton”, “Bion”), foreign satellites of different purpose, which enables it to be the leader in the global space activity associated with space exploration due to its technical, ecological and economical capabilities.

A large-sized nose-fairing of 4.11 m in diameter and of 11.433 m in length was developed for the launch-vehicle “Soyuz-2”. That meets the world medium-lift launchers standards and makes our launcher competitive in the world market of launch services.

Due to the increase in demand for small satellite launches, Samara Space Centre developed a light-class vehicle “Soyuz-2-1V” and an injection module and started their flight testing.

Within the framework of intergovernmental agreement of the Russian Federation and France, the enterprise developed a new launching facility in the Guiana Space Centre. A serial launch-vehicle “Soyuz-ST” was adapted to the Guiana Space Centre launching conditions and modified to satisfy safety requirements. 11 successful launches of “Soyuz-ST-A” and “Soyuz-ST-B” have been performed since October 2011.

Innovations and advantages

High scientific and technical potential, perfect machinery, manufacturing capabilities, introduction of innovations in development of injection means will allow the enterprise to perform all activities associated with launching spacecraft of the BRICKS.

Besides, the advantages of collaboration with our enterprise are:

- Light- (“Soyuz-2-1V”) and medium-class (“Soyuz”, “Soyuz-2”) launch-vehicles of high-reliability;

- Large-size nose-fairing of 4.11 m in diameter and of 11.433 m in length;

- Injection module “Volga”.

Stage of Development: already on the market

Scientific collaboration agreement: co-application to scientific and technical programs.

Contract for services: medium- or long-term contract for services (including research services).


Contact person: Kirilin Alexander, General Director

Fax: +7 (846) 992 64 86