FRAM Satellite

The Fram SC was developed for multispectral imaging in 1975. Its mass was 6100 kilograms. 27 Frams were launched over 1975-1985.

Successful flight tests of Zenit-2n/h and Fram promoted the development of Earth remote sensing methods and systems.*

Over 1965-1982 the enterprise developed 8 versions of the Zenit-2 SC. For these developments as well as for designs of separate units and modules the employees of the enterprise were awarded the Lenin Prize five times, the USSR State Prize twelve times and the RSFSR State Prize three times.*

* The article was written based on the materials taken from book - Spacecraft building:research and development by JSC SRC «Progress» edited by A.N.Kirilin- Samara: Publishing House, AGNI, 2011-p.280. 

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