RESURS-DK1 Satellite

"Resurs-DK" Space Complex

Resurs-DK1 space complex was developed and produce in accordance with Federal Space Program of Russia against Federal Space Agency order.

Resurs-DK1 space complex is effective SC which allows obtaining highly detailed multispectral images of the Earth surface of high quality. The complex is created with the participation of wide range of research institutions, design bureaus and manufacturing plants of Russian federation. SRC-Progress is a main developer of the complex.

Application area of Resurs-DK1 and tasks which are sold:

Resurs-DK1 is meant for multizonal Earth remote sensing and for downlink of near-real time highly informative images vie radio channel in order to solve the following tasks:

different electromagnetic radiation spectrum range providing operative downlink by radio-channel directly to ground receiving station and further presentation to a wide range of users both Russian and foreign after thematic processing.

Information, received by "Resurs-DK" Complex can be used for various research and economic problem solution, including:

· information support of rational nature management and economic activities of state structures, subjects of the Russian Federation and some other subjects and structures in the field of agriculture and soil science, geology, land use;

· creation and updating of general and thematic topographic plans and mapping;

· information support in the field of ecology and environmental protection;

· solution of task for the benefit of Ministry of Emergency Situations and some other organizations;

Obtained data can be used for international cooperation between Russia and some other countries which are interested in environmental protection and task solutions in the field of Earth remote sensing. It can also be used for information support of foreign customers under intergovernmental agreement as well as on a commercial basis.

Spacecraft "Resurs - DK1" №1

Orbit parameters:

inclination, deg.


minimal altitude, km


maximal altitude, km


period, min.


Specifed life in orbit

3 years

Mass of fully assembled and fueled S/C, kg


Maximal S/C length, mm


Maximal S/C diameter, mm


Solar battery area, m2


Stabilization and orientation precision P=0,96 no more than:

- roll channel, angular min.

± 6,0

- pitch channel, angular min.

± 6,0

- yaw channel, angular min.

± 4,5

- angular velocity, deg. / sec.


By the first quarter of 2013 Resurs-DK1 №1 satellite has been in operation for more than 6 years and has covered the Earth surface of more than 74 mln. km2.


RESURS-DK1 Satellite

Main performance characteristics of Resurs-DK1

Information values

Efficiency and productivity values

Ground resolution (H=350 km):

- in panchromatic range no worse than 1 m

- in narrow spectral ranges 1,6 ÷ 1,8 m

Capture band, km

- in nadir 4,7 up to 28,3

- roll angle on SC rotation up to 40

Swath, km


spectral range, mkm

- panchromatic range

0,58 ÷ 0,8

- narrow spectral ranges

0,5 ÷ 0,6; 0,6 ÷ 0,7; 0,7 ÷ 0,8

Number of spectral ranges shot simultaneously

1 up to 3

Maximal efficiency per day

- of objects up to 180

- of routes (of medium length) up to 40

Total efficiency per day

up to 1mln.km2

Operability of data downlink

- survey within radio visibility in real time

- global observation with the help of storage device

up to 13 hours after the moment of survey

Coverage periodicity of swath,

6 days

data transfer rate vie radio channel, Mbit/s

75; 150; 300

Maximum capacity of storage device 768 Gbit

Number of

In-House Satellites Launched