"Vostok" is a name of series of three-stage launch vehicles, developed on the base of "R-7" launch vehicle with addition of third stage unit.

High power characteristics and structural reliability of "Vostok" launch vehicle provided successful launches of the first spaceships-satellites and then "Meteor", "Meteor-Priroda", "Kosmos"-type meteorological satellites, "Bolgaria-1300" Bolgarian satellite and "IRS"-series Indian Earth remote sensing satellites.

The first launch of the launch vehicle was made on July 28, 1962. Launch vehicle operation was finished on August 29, 1991 by successful launch of "IRS-1B" Indian satellite.

139 launches were performed; 132 among them were successful.

"Vostok" launch vehicle power potentialities provided injection of spacecraft with mass from 1150 to 1840 kg from Baikonur launch site into Sun-synchronous orbit with inclination 98° or 99° and altitude 650-1000 km.