SOYUZ-2-1V Launch Vehicle

"Soyuz-2-1 V " launch vehicle is two-stage light class launch vehicle developed for spacecraft launches from launching facilities which are meant for “Soyuz-2” launch vehicle. The launch vehicle is developed on the basis of “Soyuz-2-1V” launch vehicle by removing of strap-on boosters and installing of NK-33A engine on the core module and control engine RD0110R (development of OAO ‘KBHA’). The second stage unit is adopted with updating of “Soyuz-2-1V ” third stage unit.

Light class launch vehicle development associates with growing needs of small spacecraft launches.

Creation of "Soyuz-2-1V" launch vehicle using units of “Soyuz-2-1B” as well as existing technical and launching facilities allows dramatic reduction in development, operation and launch associated costs.

"Soyuz-2-1V" control system with improved soft- and hardware is used to provide stability, controllability and operation of “Soyuz-2-1V” regulating systems.

To interface "Soyuz-2-1V" with launching mechanism the following modifications are made:

4 supports are installed on the first stage unit for supporting booms of launching facility;

4 supports are installed on the first stage’s aft module for guiding system of launching facility.


SOYUZ-2-1V Launch Vehicle

Number of stages


Maximal length

44 m

Maximal unit diameter

2,95 m

Nose Fairing diameter

3 m


SOYUZ-2-1V Launch Vehicle

Lifting capacity of "Soyuz-2-1V" launch vehicle at the time of its injection into low orbit ( Нcyr=200) (LEO)

Launch site

Inclination, º

Payload mass, kg