SOYUZ-ST Launch Vehicle

Soyuz-ST launch vehicle being a derivative of Soyuz-2 is designed to support commercial launches from Kourou spaceport (French Guiana).

Soyuz-ST meets the requirements of Guiana Space Center in terms of safety (uplink of launch abort telecommands), availability of telemetry system equipped with UHF transmitters with European IRIG format of telemetry frame), compatibility with ambient environment (increased humidity, sea transportation and etc.).

Soyuz-ST has an ST-type fairing compatible with international requirements. When used with Fregat upper stage the carrier is able to loft the huge variety of payloads into orbit.

On the 21st of October, 2011 the first launch of Soyuz-ST-B with 2 Galileo-IOV satellites was successfully performed from Guiana Space Center.


SOYUZ-ST Launch Vehicle

Launch vehicle

GTO (∆V=1500 m/s)

SSO (Нcir=820 km)


2810 kg

4230 kg


3250 kg

4900 kg